Bring good mood with Indian food while having your dinner

If you are in search of Indian food, then you probably know what Indian cuisine is famous for. It is loaded with tangy flavors blended in originated spices and herbs. Though, you can have endless food options for Indian food as the traditional Indian taste is spread all over the world. So, it is not surprisingly hard to discover the best spots for dinner in Menomonee Falls. You can make a visit to Hads-Indian which is a pure Indian food place. It is established to serve you with a wide array of tasty dishes that could make your dinner dine-in experience truly awesome.

Try out chicken dishes

If you have great love for the chicken dishes then you can spark it more with our tasty food made with Indian spices. You can order for a chicken tikka masala made with thick orange sauce to give you leisure with every bite. Also, you can try the fresh flavor of chicken vindaloo that comes with gluten-free preparations. Chicken dishes have a special place in the heart of Punjabis living in the United States. You can have delightful thick and spicy curry and can eat it with a varied range of naan and bread.

Have a vegetarian platter served

Many individuals prefer vegan meals due to personal fitness choices and religious beliefs. So, for those folks, Hads-Indian has emerged as one of the leading dinner specials restaurants in Menomonee Falls. Our famous veg platters are chana masala also known as chickpeas curry. You can have a bowl full of this dish to have with roti or naan. Also, you can have Malai kofta which are veg balls stuffed with crushed veggies and spices. You can also have Indian veg cheese curry to have an amazing taste in your mouth.

Taste colorful biryani dishes

Biryani is tasty and it can be eaten at any time of day or night. Additionally, it is tempting to every age group so is available in a variety of forms. You can find the best dinner delivery restaurants in Menomonee Falls to have a tasteful plate of your favorite biryani which comes in vegetarian and non-vegetarian forms. You can have vegetarian biryani made with assorted vegetables and Indian spices to give a unique taste and color. Also, we do serve chicken and shrimp biryani made with Indian basmati rice and spices to bring delight food experience to your table.

Enhance taste with sides

Best dinner restaurants in Menomonee Falls not only deliver taste and perfection in their main courses. But they also have specialization in preparing delicious starters like pakoras, samosas, and kababs. Also, you can have a delightful taste of chats such as papdi chat, gol gappa, aloo tikki, chicken chat, etc. You can also give a try to the sides to enhance the taste of your food. We do serve with onion chutneys, mint, and tamarind chutneys. These sides can escalate the taste of every dish ordered for a happy dinner meal.