Indian foods to order for having a blissful lunch

Lunch holds a special place in our daily routine as it gives us time to relax and feed ourselves to restore the energy consumed at work. During busier days at work, lunch comes as a blessing as it is a much-awaited break and delivers nutrition. So, exploring the best lunch restaurants in West Allis could enable you to have a blissful lunch for the day. At Hads-Indian, we provide an extensive array of food items that you can sort and select afternoon meals on your own. However, if you are having a dilemma to choose from a large assortment of meals, here are some useful tips to follow.

Dal Palak

You can have a tasty delight with our healthy and nutritional dal palak made from Indian herbs and spices. It has the ingredients such as spinach and lentils to provide you with a protein-rich diet. Spinach contains many nutrients that can restore your energy and vitality and improves the quality of your blood. Also, it is a good source of iron so ordering a plate full of dal palak could make your day. You can find this tasty dish at our lunch specials restaurants in West Allis at affordable prices.


When it comes to fulfilling the thrust for non-vegetarian food, chicken is the most preferred dish to order for lunch. Hads-Indian is reckoned as one of the best spots for lunch in West Allis offering a variety of chicken dishes. You can order chicken curry made with Indian spices with gourmet onion, garlic, spices, and tomato. Made with love by our experienced chef and served beautifully on your platter, it will cherish your lunchtime. You can also place an order for chicken handi, chicken kadahi, chicken jalfrezi, etc. All these items are also available in gluten-free versions.

Rice dishes

Best Lunch delivery restaurants in West Allis also offer delicious rice dishes to their guests. Therefore, you can have a look at various rice dishes to get a good source of carbohydrates. Having a great source of B vitamins, selenium, magnesium, and fiber, you can get power-packed energy by having a rice dish during lunchtime. You can have a rice bowl with chicken curry to have pleasant lunch prepared with Indian herbs and spices and served with raita. Also, we do serve vegetable biryani and tamarind rice dishes to bring more taste and satisfaction to your palate.

Bread and Naan

Do you want to enjoy your lunchtime during a cozy holiday or weekend at home? If yes, then you can have West Allis lunch food delivery by us to your doorsteps. You can check our special menu for bread and naan to have a lazy weekend at home. Check our menu of lunch including paneer naan, bhatura, chholle naan, onion, chicken, and special naan stuffed with spices and baked in the tandoor. Eat these pieces of bread with Indian chutneys and sauces to add a splash of taste and delight.