Buffet service – An attractive way to host a business event

Are you going to host a corporate event in a few couple of days? If yes, it could be quite challenging for you to manage things. After discussing your business agendas with participants, you have to feed them with food. So, the process is going to be tough for you. But don’t worry! At Hads-Indian, we have covered you with the Indian lunch buffet Butler to serve your guests with great taste. The buffet is a quality food catering service that can carry out your event as smoothly as a cakewalk. So, check below what you can expect to have during the buffet arrangement for your event.

Cold buffets

We can serve you with a cold lunch buffet Butler which is surprisingly perfect for an event that is divided into separate schedules. If you have an event in the morning that is going to end in the noon, you can serve the guests food such as meat and cheese platter, salads, sandwiches, cakes, etc. Also, these foods can be consumed as evening snacks if the event is going to end in the evening. So, these foods need not be heated again and again and can stay fresh for longer.

Hot buffets

The idea of hot buffets near Butler will serve your every guest with hot food items especially when everyone is going to eat at the same time. You will get 3 hot main dishes, 3 hot sides, salads, soup, and dessert. With this serving, you can have a variety of items to include in the buffet. It is up to you if you want to add more dishes to the food table where guests can see more food items to have diverse choices for Indian food.

Vegan choices

If you want to keep your food menu simple and specific, you can go with vegan meals. It gives you the perfect sense of getting served with the Indian buffet Butler and you can have an extensive variety of items for your guests. Among those items, paneer Balti, kadhai paneer, Malai kofta, chili paneer, etc. are some most alluring dishes. Also, you can add a combo of tamarind and tomato sauces to bring a flavourful taste to the dishes. These Indian dishes can be tasted with naan, butter naan, and tandoori roti. Also, you can have an array of choices for bread to eat vegan meals.

Sweets and drinks

No treat for a corporate event could be completed without sweets and drinks. Therefore, you can carefully check our Indian buffet menu in Butler to add drinks and sweets. You can have a variety of sweet dishes that have Indian touch and taste. Also, there are endless options for drinks to add to the buffet. You can have coffee, tea, juice, and soda in the buffet to serve your guests.

Hads-Indian is the perfect place that you can visit for the lunch buffet in Butler at affordable prices with assurance of food and service quality.