Indian foods that you can eat in Waukesha, WI

It is an irrefutable fact that Indian food has gained immense recognition across the world. So, there are large numbers of places where you can easily find Indian taste for sure. If you are in Waukesha, you can feed your Indian food desire with pampering dishes served at Hads-Indian which is a popular Indian restaurant in Waukesha. In case you are an Indian traveling to this place for education and business purpose missing the delicacies of India. You can come and eat your favorite dishes as we have a lot to serve on your plate.

Try Indian food having their own specialty

Indian cuisine is a mix of dishes comes from different corners of India. So, you could find your favorite dish without any difficulty and can enjoy the meal. You can take the example of Biryani which is eaten and admired by every Indian due to its taste and aroma. No doubt, in different regions of India, you could find different tastes and flavors of Biryani. So, the best Indian restaurants in Waukesha have been serving an extensive range of biryanis such as chicken, lamb, vegetarian, mutter pulao, etc. You can order and eat the biryani to fill your pure Indian soul with delicious food.

Have a feast of Indian street food

Every Indian-American has a definite love for street food like pani poori. This is spicy food served with water containing mint, lime, and other tangy flavors. The water balls are filled with flavoured water and served to the guests. This food item is easily available in Indian restaurants and menus in Waukesha. Therefore, you can enjoy the feast of street food while sitting inside the comfortable environment of the Hads-Indian restaurant. You can even try out bhel puri and papdi chat which are popular dishes like pani poori.

Try finger-licking non-veg platter

When it comes to satisfying your food cravings with non-veg items, you can have a myriad of options for chicken, fish, and lamb dishes. These are the most loved Indian food items prepared by using fresh spices and ingredients. You can place an order for chicken curry providing chicken thigh, ginger, onion, tomato, and spices. Also, you can give a try to lamb curry and lamb korma which are mouth-watering dishes and have a sweet aroma to just coddle your inside Indian soul and foodie.

Tandoori dishes

Tandoori dishes as the name implies are prepared in the tandoor which brings taste to the food. You can seek various tandoori kababs while visiting an Indian restaurant in Waukesha. The main Indian tandoori dishes are served under the common name of seekh kabab. But you can find those dishes in various forms to have different tastes. The most common dish that comes in the kabab category is chicken tikka cooked in the tandoor with spices and lemon juice. You can even seek veg cheese tikka or paneer tikka served with green pepper, mint, and tomato sauce.